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Police Reform Efforts Continue in Nassau County


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The County Where Cops Call the Shots


NY Times

"Fiscal conservatives and liberal activists both want to curb the power of police unions in Suffolk County. Can they do it?"

Letter to the Editor, Smithtown


The Times of Smithtown

“I am writing in response to Suffolk County Presiding Officer Rob Calarco’s March 5 press release regarding the county Legislature’s public hearings on police reform…”

The inside out -- and outside in -- of reinventing policing on Long Island


Two proposals.

Two different routes.

All heading toward the same destination: Reviewing and reforming police practices in Nassau and Suffolk counties.


Last week, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran's administration submitted a 395-page reform proposal...

Activists file 'People's Plan' for Nassau police reform


A 310-page reform document includes 12 major areas for reform...

Members of community groups who had been collaborating with Nassau County to reform its police department on Thursday released their own proposal, called "The People's Plan," with recommendations to change county police practices.

Members of Nassau County Task Force Resign


WSHU: After Police draft their own reforms, Members of Nassau County Task Force Resign

Nearly a dozen members of Nassau County’s police reform task force have resigned in protest over what they call a “fraud” plan to reform policing. The task force was established by an executive order from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo...

Newsday Analysis on Suffolk Police Stops, Searches


Newsday Analysis: Suffolk Police Stopped, searched minority drivers at higher rates

The Suffolk County Police Department subjected Black and Hispanic drivers to tougher enforcement actions than white motorists over the past two years, stopping and then searching the minority drivers and their vehicles at higher rates...

Activists urge Long Island law enforcement reforms


Newsday coverage of Press Conference: Activists Urge Long Island Law Enforcement Reforms

More than 30 Long Island activist groups are uniting to press for local law enforcement reforms following the police shooting of a Black man in Wisconsin...

Nassau Legislature approves police reform plan; body camera program among key changes


The Times of Smithtown

"A state-mandated reform plan for policing in Nassau was passed easily by the county Legislature Monday.

The Laura Curran/Patrick Ryder Police Reform Plan passed by a 16-3 vote Monday afternoon.

But while the vote passed, it didn't come without controversy..."

Letter to the Editor, East Hampton


The East Hampton Star

"This past week, the Ladies Village Improvement Society announced its choice for their very first executive director. Its choice is unexpected and disappointing."

Following split from panel, advocates release The People's Plan' for police reform in Nassau


In an effort to bridge the gap between police and the people, a law enforcement reform group has released what it calls "The People's Plan."

In the wake of last summer's Black Lives Matter protests, community leaders, civil rights advocates and police and county officials were to work together to come up with a state-mandated police reform plan...

Long Island Police Reform Advocates Submit Their Own 'People's Plan' To Reimagine Policing


WSHU: Police reform advocates on Long Island published their own plan

Police reform advocates on Long Island published their own plan for overhauling the police. They are scheduled to present their proposals to both counties as officials work to comply with a state requirement to reimagine policing...

Attorney Fredrick Brewington, others, Quit Panel on Nassau Police Reform


Attorney Fredrick Brewington, others, Quit Panel on Nassau Police Reform

Co-chairman Frederick Brewington and more than a dozen members of a Nassau County community advisory panel resigned abruptly Friday night after release of a 310-page police reform plan...

Why is The PBA So Afraid of Accountability?


Long Island Press Letter to the Editor "Why Is the PBA So Afraid of Accountability"

A recent article in the Long Island Press featuring Nassau and Suffolk PBA Presidents James McDermott and Noel DiGerolamo continues to perpetuate the false narrative being peddled by law enforcement...

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