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We Did Good Things Together

Although we, as a coalition, have been on a break for a couple of weeks after a busy start to the year, we have seen current events continue to showcase the need for transforming community safety. As we continue to reflect and process, we wanted to highlight some recent local wins based on all of your collective efforts with us. While there is always more to do, let’s celebrate these wins on our way forward!


  • 7 Workgroups

  • Bi-weekly Coalition Meetings

  • 50 Organizational members

  • 100s of Members

  • Website

  • Significant Presence on Social Media


  • 12 Research-backed Proposals

    • 20 Summary One-pagers

  • 3 Convening Coalitions

    • 700+ Endorsers

    • 81 organizations

    • 662 individual

  • Legitimacy in the eyes of the Public, the Press, & the PD

  • PD & Government know that we are not going away


  • Numerous Media Showings on:

    • Newsday

    • News 12

    • Local Print Media

  • Presence in the NY Times

  • Interviews of NPR/WNYC

  • Constant Presence at Hearings

    • 4 Hours & 51 Minutes of public comment at Suffolk PSC!!



Both County PD's

  • Are setting a code of conduct that will codify that police personnel will treat gender expansive people as equal to cis folks. 

  • WIll Begin to divert mental health 911 calls to local mental health professionals


  • Expanding Mental Health Response

    • Workgroup is supporting implementation 

  • Improved Data Collection

  • Increased Public Safety Comm  oversight

  • Improvements to the Complaint Process

  • Pushed the conversation about racial bias in policing

    • Exposed politician’s deep denial of systemic racism in both parties.


  • Expanding Mental Health Response

  • Public facing Data - Dashboards

  • Restrictions on Pretextual Stops

    • End consent searches

    • Warnings (not tickets) for equipment violations

  • Task Force will evaluate the need for SRO program with community members, parents, etc. 

  • Pushed a conversation on Independent Oversight and police accountability


  • We Are Saving Lives

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